About Us

We are a new company but we have over 30 years work experience in industry and government. Beyond that, you will find us honest, creative, and easy to work with. Overall, we want to provide services that:

Free 1-hour consultation and estimates: We will meet with you to discuss your goals; then provide a cost estimate or quote for our services.


Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
We will help you obtain permits and maintain compliance with regulations. Our specialty includes hazardous waste, solid waste, storm water, wastewater, wetland, feedlot, and land use (zoning). We will interpret rules, prepare permit applications and provide required compliance activities including inspections, monitoring, and reporting.
Waste and Water Management
Our services are designed to save you money and reduce your waste. We will help you benchmark your current conditions for comparison with similar businesses. Our reports will identify options for you to reduce your management and disposal cost. If you wish to make a change, we will help you implement the plan including in-house training and performance tracking. We can help you reach your goals including status as a “zero waste” or “no landfilled waste” facility if desired.
Green Business Benchmarking and Accreditation
We will calculate the environmental impacts of your operations and products. Our report will identify actions you can take to reduce environmental impacts. We can help you gain accreditation as “green business” if desired. Again, if you wish to make a change, we will help you implement the plan including in-house training and monitoring.
Special Project Implementation
We have a wide range of hands-on special project experience including wetland delineation, waste management contracting, erosion control, deconstruction and demolition, composting food waste, land conservation, prairie restoration, surface water monitoring, groundwater monitoring, special event recycling, hazardous waste disposal, rain gardens, energy audits, renewable energy, and watershed planning.


EnviroEase, LLC
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